And In the Center Ring…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…

We direct your attention to the Center Ring, where, for the FIRST TIME EVER (in recent memory) we present: The More-or-Less-Annual Good Sam Talent Show Youth Fundraiser,

Sunday, November 5th, at 4:30pm.   IT AIN’T JUST FOR KIDS!

With a line-up of acts ranging from sublime to ridiculous, with performers ages 3 to 73, the big stage at Eisenhower Community Center in Hopkins will be very busy that afternoon. We hope YOU will be there to enjoy it and to help us raise money for next summer’s youth trips.

Featured performers:

  • Good Sam staff, Church Council, and the Good Sam Comedy All-Stars
  • several of our choirs
  • a Fabulous Opening Number featuring dozens of teens
  • plus lots of yet-to-be-discovered strange and wonderful individual skills…

Eisenhower is at 1001 Highway 7 in Hopkins; a few blocks east of 169, take the 12th Ave exit off of 7, and the school is on the north side of the highway.

Come join us on November 5th and get to know your fellow church members in a whole new way! Come celebrate the performance gifts God has bestowed on those people you’ve been sitting behind at worship, and have something fun to talk to each other about all winter… Altogether, we expect to have well over a hundred GLC members lending their talents to the cause. The show runs about 90 minutes. Suggested donation is $10 per person or $40 per household. And INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES—it’s a FUNDRAISER!

Questions? Call Bob the Youth Guy: 612-296-4050 or


Look What I Can Do!

Our 1st More-or-less annual Good Sam Talent Show Youth Fundraiser will be hosted on the big stage at Eisenhower Community Center in Hopkins, and we need your talent ! All ages are invited to sign up their act and offer it for our show on Sunday, November 5th, which runs from 4:30 – 6:00pm, to help us raise money for next summer’s youth trips.

We intend to get a hundred performers on stage that day, including most of our worship music ensembles, and an act featuring the staff and the Church Council. We are also in need of family acts, and other group productions (like your 4th grade Sunday school class, for instance.) If you’re not sure whether your abilities can be appreciated on stage, ask the Youth Guy. (He knows how to put on a show, and how to put you in it!) A number of briefly-entertaining skills will be videotaped ahead of time to be screened that night (for those of you who get stage fright or have an act involving dangerous animals, skateboards or speeds in excess of 100mph…)

One other special need: adults who can do a pretty good Norwegian accent…

There is a sign-up sheet on the kiosk in the narthex, or you can call/email the Youth Guy. Sign up soon so you can arrange an audition (or filming) by October 15th !

Questions? Call Bob the Youth Guy: 612-296-4050 or