Lists of Books Submitted for Reading the Word

Here is the current list of books that have been recommended for our summer reading.  Please come back often as the list will be updated as new submissions are made.  Selecting the little triangles that appear in each column will allow you to sort the list by the information found in that column (books by title, by author, etc).

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Book Title:Author:Submitted by:Why I recommend:
What Pet Should I Get?Dr SeussAudrey OI like this story because of the cute pictures.
What Alice ForgotLiane MoriarityWare WProtagonist bumps her head during spin class and forgets the last ten years of her life. Rebuilding her life gives her a chance for a "do-over" and to discover what's really important and at her core.
TrioKen FolletCharlotte HThese three books again are letting our world history thru fiction. First and Second World Wars and now five families - American, U.K. German, France and Russia
The Thirteen American ArgumentsHoward FinemanMike HThe never to be resolved debates that define our democracy.
The Secret GardenFrances Hodgkin BurnettMarilee SWhen I was a child I fell in love with reading with this book. It was my first experience with being carried away to a place entirely different to any I had known. And Mary was a girl of incredible courage in the face of tragic circumstances. Powerful.
The NightingaleKristin HannahCarol HAn inside view of World War II - unbelievable story about living in France during the war.
the New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of ColorblindnessMichelle AlexanderLisa NThis book gives tremendous insight into the African-American experience of the criminal justice system. It was riveting.
The Man Who Moved a MountainRichard C. DavisMike HThe story of a man who tamed a while, whisky making,trigger happy group of mountaineers - very close to where my ancestors lived. Inspirational.
The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No HorseLouise ErdrichPastor EdThis fictional story brings the reader into a Ojibwe reservation. For over fifty years a Catholic priest has faithfully cared for the tribe. The Priest has been guarding a difficult secret. He isn’t a he, but through some unusual circumstances, a woman has been welcomed as a Catholic priest. This story raises questions about gender, sexuality and faith.
The Insatiable Search for TruthJoseph Norio UemuraAudrey OThis non-fiction book is about my Uncle Joseph Norio Uemura. It is his life story.
The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy (series)Douglas AdamsBob WIt's a silly, brilliant, tongue-in-cheek explanation of just how naive we Earthlings are, and how bureaucrats run the universe. It also offers a surprisingly simple answer to the question of "life, the universe, and everything"...
Sometimes you just need something harmlessly amusing to read!
The Far PavilionsM. M. KayeMartha KAbout India at downfall of British Residence in Kabal (1879) Author lived through and understood the country, Its religions, politics, traditions, nature - Book is very long, but Kaye has much to tell: lovely writing style.
The Elephant WhispererLawrence AnthonyMarilee SThis is the book that convinced me that we should join Heather's trek adventure in South Africa. What an amazing window into the world of these beautiful, sentient beings!
The Century TrilogyKen FollettTom PAn epic tale of just a few families that lived through the 1900's
The Boys in the BoatDaniel James BrownMike HThe story of the rowing crew that won the Gold Medal in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. A story of great courage and endurance in the face of great adversity.
The Book of JoyDouglas AbramsTom PThe author recaps a week where Archbishop Desmond Tutu visits the Dalai Lama.
Team of RivalsDoris Kearns GoodwinMarilee SI am a slow reader. My book Club chose this big, long book and, to my delight, I was carried away by the "story" in the history. Great testament to Lincoln's genius.
Still LifeLouise PennyCarol HMaster Inspector Gamache solves another complicated mystery which is spell-binding, and enjoyable reading. Takes place in a village on the border of USA and Canada - lots of twists and turns.
ReflectionsJohn Nobuya Tsuchida, EditorAudrey O It is a non-fiction book of memoirs of Japanese America women in Minnesota. My Mother and my Aunt tell their stories.
Pride and PrejudiceJane AustinWare WBest love story ever. Mr Darby is the best romantic character. Also a great look a t home first impressions are often wrong. i.e. filled with pride or prejudice and that we should be open to learning more.
Pride and PrejudiceJane AustenBob WIt's a droll observation of human foibles that makes me laugh out loud, and it's still relevant two centuries later for exposing the hypocrisy that creeps into every society. My favorite novel!
Perfect Hostage, The Life of Aung San Suu KyiJustin WintleTom PWhat she did and how she persevered through years of persecution and deprivation
to bring democracy to the people of her country.
Pastrix - The Cranky Beautiful Faith of a Sinner and SaintNadia Bolz WeberPastor EdPaxtrix - The word ‘pastrix’ is a pejorative word used to describe female pastors. In this profanity laden auto biography, Nadia successfully reclaims the word and shares a faith that is as bold and relevant as the many tattoos she proudly displays. She is a drug addict who has had a difficult life. But she embraces her journey and lifts it up for others who have been dismissed by the Church.
PachinkoMin Jin LeeJoyce HJust try to put this book down. It's about Koreans who settle in Japan. Its enlightening and a great read.
Ordinary GraceWm Kent KruegerCharlotte H I loved the book and then I met him and he explained how this book was his passion. His other books are mysteries.
Nicholas and AlexandraRobert MassieCharlotte HAmazing biography
My Beloved WorldSonia SotomayorCarol HAmazing autobiography of her life - tells of her life from South Bronx,NYC, to her post as first Hispanic on the Supreme Court. What a life! How lucky we are to have her on the Supreme Court.
Love WinsRob BellBob W"Love Wins" is a passionate argument for a theology that embraces ALL of the world as saved by Christ's love, even those who do not know Jesus' name. Rob Bell was pretty much cast out of the evangelical community as a heretic after publishing this, but he has continued to find an audience that REALLY needs to know about God's unconditional love.
HomegoingYaa GyasiJoyce HThis was my favorite book of 2016. Its about a black family - one part in Africa, one in the U.S. One generation follows another on both sides. Each chapter reads like a short story. Wonderful writing. This is a riveting book.
Escape from Camp 14Blaine HardenTom PThe life of one person born and raised in a North Korean prison camp. Just as he
was entering adulthood he escaped to find there was a world other than prison camp.
Elizabeth StreetLaurie FabianoTom PA true story of an immigrant in NYC from Sicily in the early 1900's.
It is a gripping tale.
Catherine the GreatRobert MassieCharlotte HAmazing biography.
Captain PamphileAlexandre DumasMartha KIt is funny - 200 years old and still funny... The whole improbable tale is told in dignified words, as if it could be believable - This is a a comic Weekly serial that Dumas wrote for the Parisian newspaper, very popular at the time.
Call It CourageArmstrong PerryPastor EdWhen I was about 10 years old, I read this book over and over again. It was a story about a young boy in an ancient Polynesian culture. Like me at that age he is plagued by fear. He confronts his fears by going on a solo adventure. This book is similar to Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen (another great book!) in that the young man must survive in a hostile environment.
Barbarian Days: A Surfing LifeWilliam FinneganJoyce HOn a hot day consider getting into a terrific book about surfing. Even if you don't like to surf. Relive your youth. You'll be glad you did.
AstoriaPeter StarkTom PJohn Jacob Astor had a vision. He collaborated with the president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.
The vision was to establish a colony on the west coast of North America. The book tells the story of the
unimaginable hardships these people endured to establish Astoria. In the end it failed but in failing many of
the elements of the effort carried over into many future successes.
A Gentleman in MoscowAmor TowlesWare WA Russin nobleman in the 1920's is sentenced to spend the rest of his life confined to the Metropole Hotel in Moscow. He turns his adversity into a great adventure - not resigning himself to circumstances but embracing them.
A Gentleman in MoscowAmor TowlesMartha KBeautiful artistic prose - Main character Count Rostov undergoes great changes because of the Russian Political Situations - Historically very interesting - laugh and cry with this one.