Age 3 – Grade 4

Do You Sometimes Wonder…

Who those cool people are that seem to know everyone at church, especially our awesome kids?
Why some people look so happy despite the paint and glitter stuck to them?
How do I score one of those sweet brown mugs with a gift card inside that I see so many people carrying?
Search no farther for the answer! They are Sunday School teachers and they are happy because they know they are serving God in one of the most powerful ways…with our kids!
Now you may say, but I am busy, hockey season is just around the corner, I don’t have kids, I may not be a good teacher. To all of that I say, NO WORRIES! We can work with your schedule and there are teacher trainings (which are fairly painless…food is involved) to help all go smoothly. You will have TONS of support, you get a way cool walkie talkie and the curriculum is ridiculously easy to use. The kids of this church need you. Everyone has something new and different and wonderful to bring and our community will be enriched tenfold by your presence as a teacher. SO, how do I sign up you say? Call/email/find Heather at 612 501 5583,, in church most days and Sundays! I’ve got a brown mug with your name on it!

Early Childhood Room Availability

Good Samaritan UMC is committed to providing quality child care for its members to promote involvement in church-sponsored activities. Groups intending to use child care may call the church office or email to indicate number and ages of children so adequate staffing will be provided. To schedule additional dates and times not indicated on the calendar, please call Heather Miller to put in a request. Please allow a 2-week notice for a scheduled request.