Africa 2019


Youth Trip  
All kids in 8th – 12th grade are invited to travel to South Africa and Lesotho with Heather to learn, serve and explore this part of the world!  Teens are at a perfect time in their development to travel as it opens them up to other ways of life and cultures, gives them a sense of confidence, encourages them to be life long learners and helps them to discover the kindness of humanity. 
Trip Details:  

  • Approximate Dates, Spring Break 2019, March 15 – 25 or extend to March 29   
  • Chaperones needed – Adults on the trip will get a discounted trip price  
  • Final itinerary will be set by the kids who attend, but average price will be between $3,700 – $4,500 (scholarships and fundraising opportunities available)  
  • There will need to be 5 teens to travel with a maximum of 10  

This trip is the one over 75 people from Good Samaritan have now attended! All ages are welcome, but you will need to be in good health and able to walk and climb stairs with ease. This trip is a cultural and educational experience to help us to gain a greater understanding of the people and places we visit by making connections and through reciprocal learning. 
Trip Details:  

  • Approximate Dates, Winter Break for most schools, Dec. 20th – Jan. 3rd or 4th
  • We can accommodate between 10 – 18 people  
  • Final itinerary will be made by the group, but this trip is typically between $4,000 – $4,500 (scholarship and fundraising opportunities available) 

 Contact Heather if interested or for more information on either trip:  |  612-834-4760