Blessed Ramadan

Get to Know Our Muslim Neighbors! Accept their invitation to attend one of 20 specific IFTAR meals during their sacred month of Ramadan (May 5th – June 4th) – the meals they have at sundown after fasting all day! The Minnesota Council of Churches designed this program with the Muslim American Society of Minnesota for regular people of different faiths to interact with each other. It is NOT an academic discussion or a theological debate – just people talking over a meal. Find more information in the narthex where you can register and also sign up to carpool with other Good Sam people.

There is NO CHARGE, as mosques generously offer their hospitality. Since a meal is involved, registration is necessary to attend. A Primer on What to Expect at the Mosque is also at the website – just Google “mcc iftar” for this “Taking Heart” program. Check dates & places of all 20 iftar meals at that site

To help create goodwill, just say “Blessed Ramadan” to any Muslim – or – better yet, say it in Arabic: “Ramadan Mubarak” and watch their smiles radiate in your direction.