Good Samaritan Foundation


From its founding in 1960, the congregation of Good Samaritan United Methodist Church has taken to heart the lesson in Luke 10:25-37 that was the inspiration for its name.  This story has shaped the message, mission, values and vision that continue to define an ongoing commitment to love God, our neighbor and ourselves.

To ensure that through the power of God’s love and grace Good Samaritan can continue to make a positive difference for our church family, community and the world for years to come, The Good Samaritan Living Trust Fund was established in 1995. To respond to the specific needs of our church now and into the future, The Good Samaritan Living Trust Fund has become The Good Samaritan Foundation.

How To Give

Gifts to The Good Samaritan Foundation provide resources for a group of endowed funds that support worthy programs within Good Samaritan and beyond its doors. No gift is too small.

Gifts can be planned to take advantage of tax-deduction or deferral strategies for the donor and/or their family, and can be made at any time. These gifts can be made in the form of memorials; life celebrations of anniversaries, birthdays, births, or ordinations; or through direct bequests from wills, trusts, life insurance, annuities, cash or securities. However, the Foundation cannot accept gifts of real estate.

“A gift to one of our Foundation Funds is a gift that will keep on giving both now and forevermore.  That is why I have given specifically to this foundation on top of my annual pledge and will continue to do so.  This gives me the satisfaction to know that my values will last beyond my lifetime as a participant.  In the ongoing needs of our church far into the future.”

The Good Samaritan Foundation Board will administer allocations according to the donors’ wishes, if indicated.

The Good Samaritan Foundation Board annually reports to the congregation income, return on investment and allocations made by The Foundation.  All funds are invested conservatively by a separate Investment Committee and in accord with the current law of the State of Minnesota.

For more information, you are invited to contact The Good Samaritan Foundation Board by emailing

Types of Funds

The Outreach Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide resources for emerging ministries, missions, and special projects that are consistent with our mission as a Christian community of acceptance, nurturing faith and reaching out to our church, our community and the world.

This fund is managed and allocations are administered by The Good Samaritan Foundation Board. Recent allocations included supporting Linsey Thomas, a young missionary engaged in service projects as part of The World Race, and helping The Wesley Foundation at the University of Minnesota to build a spiritual community for students, faculty and staff while on campus.

The Evergreen Fund

The purpose of this fund is to supplement the operating budget, including personnel, program, and day-to-day expenses.

The Good Samaritan Foundation Board manages the investments for this fund and releases monies to be administered by the Finance Committee.

The Cornerstone Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support the maintenance and ongoing improvement of the church building and property, if annual budgeting does not meet property needs.

The Good Samaritan Foundation Board manages the investments for this fund and releases monies to be administered by the Board of Trustees.

More Information

To request funds from the Foundation for a project or to donate directly to the Foundation, click on one of the forms below.

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