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The Medicine Which Helped Me Heal

2018 has already been a very eventful year for me. I began the year by saying goodbye. Our Mother died just fifteen hours into the new year. Her absence opened a door to my wounded soul. Sorrow and grief were ...
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Good Samaritan Welcomes All People

I’m proud to serve a congregation that welcomes and includes all people. Over 25 years ago Good Samaritan made the choice to include all people regardless of their sexual orientation. In church speak it means we became a “Reconciling Congregation.” ...
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Taking Foot Washing Humility One Step Further

We often welcome guests to Good Samaritan by saying, “Good Samaritan is a good place to be. It is a good place to be on your spiritual journey.” I know that in my time in this congregation it has been ...
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I Know More than the Good Shepherd

I need to tell you something about myself. I’m pretty smart. You are excused if you don’t see my intelligence, but deep down inside I really know what is going on. I’ve already ‘figured out’ most of the people I ...
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Beginning at the End – Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. It is important for me, because each year I look at my own spiritual life and if I am being honest, I realize I’ve become lax and lazy spiritually. I know what it ...
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