Who We Are

Welcome to Good Samaritan United Methodist Church.

Our church was founded in 1960.
We chose our name because we believe we are all called to be Good Samaritans. 

We share a vision of:  

Inspiring joyful faith;
Building a loving community; and
Serving neighbors near and far.  

Good Samaritan Values

Joyful Faith
Deliberate Inclusion
Intentional Questioning
Compassionate Care
Transformative Outreach 

Good Samaritans Believe

As Christians, we have found an approach to God through the life and teachings of Jesus.
We take the Bible seriously and not literally.
We affirm our United Methodist heritage, that reminds us we come to faith through scripture, tradition, reason and experience.
We find truth and grace in the search for meaning more than in absolute certainty.
We recognize the faithfulness of other people who have different names for God.
We are stewards of God’s gifts of beauty revealed in creation and human expression.
We believe that the sacraments of baptism and communion are means of God’s love and grace, open to all.
We affirm that the way we live our lives is the fullest expression of what we believe.