Position Available

Good Samaritan United Methodist Church

Title:  Finance & Facilities Manager
Hours:  32 hours per week (non-exempt)
Reports to:  Senior Pastor

Job Summary:  Provide overall coordination of finance and office/facilities functions, including budget, personnel, facilities planning and management, fundraising and financial development, business procedures and information technology.


  • Knowledge of accounting practices and current software to manage church finances
  • Project coordination experience
  • Ability to look at the big picture and, as part of the team, develop a financial strategy
  • Effective listening and communication skills, including the ability to explain finances
  • Ability to investigate and resolve financial and technology issues
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and database systems

Key Responsibilities:

Accounting/Finance – Owns the Finance function

  • Maintain all financial and contribution records in Shelby
  • Work with the Stewardship Committee to record pledges and run reports
  • Track all member contributions, including entering data, managing ACH transactions, preparing quarterly statements and processing stock transactions
  • Prepare and load the budget
  • Prepare financial reports, including monthly statements to committees
  • Manage the Accounts Payable function, including entering data, maintaining the vendor database and creating accounts in Shelby and researching vending options.
  • Work with the Church Treasurer to sign checks and manage bank account access
  • Complete the entire Bank Reconciliation process, including canceled checks, outstanding items, deposits and creating entries for direct withdrawals
  • Coordinate and assist volunteers in counting the weekly offering
  • Complete Annual Conference year-end financial reports
  • Prepare reports as required by external auditors
  • Oversee and maintain storage and access of historical financial information according to UMC retention guidelines
  • Develop and maintain financial procedures manual

Facilities Management

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the facility, including supervising the custodian and being the point person for the contract janitorial service
  • Manage vendor contracts and relationships
  • Serve as the point person for all facilities projects. Liaise with church committees and vendors as appropriate
  • Schedule systems inspections and needed repairs

Business Management

  • Process payroll worksheet and withholdings, submit payroll to ADP for processing, and maintain payroll and salary records
  • Manage basic HR processes, including employee and volunteer background checks and personnel records
  • Liaise with IT consultant to support and maintain churchwide computer system and maintain offsite records.

Committees Staffed (Primary):  Finance, Trustees, Investments, Foundations, Memorials, Stewardship

Committees Staffed (As Requested): Staff Parish Relations

Salary- TBD

Please send your letter of interest and resume by June 28, 2019 to: office@good.org or

            Good Samaritan UMC, c/o SPRC
            5730 Grove Street
            Edina, MN 55436