ABC-A Better Chance

Edina A Better Chance brings talented minority students from economically disadvantaged communities usually out of state to attend Edina High School for up to four years. This year 6 students from five states are a part of this ambitious program. They follow in the footsteps of over 125 students that have successfully graduated from this program in the 45 years since it was founded. Pastor Postlewaite and several Good Samaritans helped found this as one of 25 public schools that sponsor these promising scholars. Good Samaritans currently serve on the board, serve as host families on Sundays, tutor, serve as volunteer drivers, or simply contribute to the program. The program creates the better chance that these students will complete a quality college education because of the quality of their new high school and the community that wraps their arms around them. Board Members Lisa Nelson and Sarah and Steve Kumagai can answer questions that anyone might have about the program.