Help Out Of Homelessness

Most families lose all their belongings when they become homeless because they have no way to transport and no place to store their things.  They spend all their available money to pay the first months rent and then must double that for a damage deposit.  Imagine the delight of moving into your new apartment only to feel despair as you realize you have no beds, no blankets, no dishes, no pots and pans, no silverware, no food and no money! Our mission is to loan them the damage deposit since rent and damage deposit often can be almost $3,000!  We also want to make sure they move into an apartment that has most of the things they need.  We have an extensive list of items that we collect from congregation members and many generous people in the city of Edina through  

Good Samaritan congregation members donated to provide a family of six who was living in their car on December 8th with 24 days in a hotel while they waited to get into their new apartment.  We loaned them their damage deposit and delivered a van load, trailer load and three carloads of things for their new apartment.  In addition people donated $540 in cash and gift cards.  We have had collections for two other families in the past 3 months to provide them with furnishings for their new apartment.

Contact JoAnn Knutson to help our next family out of homelessness!