Meals on Wheels

Good Samaritan has participated in Meals on Wheels for many years.  Through Meals on Wheels, every day of the week, volunteers show up at a local meal site and pick up a hot, nutritionally-balanced meal for each person on their route. With a list of names and a stack of meals, the drivers set off to senior high rises, apartments, and individual homes, delivering a meal to each person on their list and picking up the tray from the previous day’s meal. Some recipients are chatty, some are reclusive, and for some, their deliverer may be the only human contact they have that day.

Good Samaritan serves the 1st Thursday, the 4th Wednesday, as well as the 3rd and 5th Fridays of the month. We always welcome new volunteers to be drivers.  Meals on Wheels also needs donations of money to cover the costs of the food and other delivery-related resources. If you want to make a donation to Meals on Wheels, you can write a check out to Good Samaritan and indicate Meals on Wheels. We’ll collect all the checks and send the donations on to our local Meals on Wheels organization.

For every day that you have a lunch to eat, offer a prayer of thanks for the food you have. Then offer a prayer for all those who are dependent on others for a nutritious meal.

If you would like to be a Meals On Wheels Volunteer, For more information or to volunteer, visit Metro Meals on Wheels or contact: to volunteer.