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You are WELCOME here!

Wherever you are on your journey

Whatever questions you have

However you love or are loved

Whenever you need an authentic community

You are welcome, just as you are

"I learned a long time ago that the most God-honoring, most Jesus-reflecting act is to err on the side of loving people. When you simply accept those around you in whatever condition they come to you, the table naturally expands and relationship happens and God does stuff that you couldn't predict or control."  John Pavlovitz

Worship at Good Samaritan is radically inclusive and involves our heads, hearts and the fullness of our being as those made in the image of God. Join with us as we engage the works of a myriad of public theologians, poets, guest speakers, story slams and interfaith, multicultural and intergenerational wisdom in our quest to live life abundantly and grow in love of God and neighbor.


We are Real

Bring your whole self, the not ready for prime-time version! However you express your identity and whomever you love…you are welcome here. We want you as you are: your striving, your fumbling, your aspirational vision.

We are Relevant

We speak truth to the day to day issues of life in the world. Our Sacred Scriptures lift up justice, mercy and compassion. We seek to be light in a world of shadows, with the risk and responsibility attached.

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We are Responsive

As a service-oriented church, striving to be true to our name – Good Samaritans, we are flexible and nimble and connected to the community in order to respond to the needs of God’s people in real time.

We celebrate the diversity of human life and embrace everyone. All are welcome to worship at Good Samaritan.

Throughout the year, there are special services to engage all members of the congregation such as blessings of pets, a youth-led service, a children’s musical message, story slams (members sharing their stories), musical guests, and more. Join our LGBTQIA-friendly congregation and celebrate with us!

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